Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Bruce Whittier


I grew up in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, and, by the age of nine, I knew, instinctively, and without reservation, that I was gifted, able to make people feel better. My Universal gift of laying on of hands, to transmit Universal Energy, has earned me a reputation as a gifted healer. This gift brings with it a divine intervention and responsibility to humanity, assisting and supporting personal transformations and a return to a state of balance and harmony.Bruce Whittier

My interest in complementary medicine began in 1979, when my allergies and pneumonia were treated with homeopathy by Dr. Baker of Chester, Nova Scotia. Soon after, I was introduced to Reflexology by a local therapist trained in the U.S., in the Eunice Ingham method, with whom I subsequently trained. Over the last 23 years, I have been trained as a Mind Body Spirit Intuitive, Reiki Master/Teacher, Master Reflexologist, Body Point Therapist, Chakral Balancer, with additional training in massage therapy, lymphatic massage, Shiatsu, Homeopathy, and Past life regression.

As an Author, Lecturer and Spiritual Advisor, I have appeared on TV Programs such as "Sightings," produced by Fox Studios, Discovery USA, BBC of London, England, and Global TV.

In 1990, through a series of dreams, a former lifetime was revealed, one in which I had lived as Stefan Horowitz, a Dutch Jew who died, along with his family, in 1942 at Auschwitz. The story of my past life as Stefan Horowitz can be found in a book by Rabbi Gershom, entitled "From Ashes to Healing, Encounters from the Holocaust". Coming out in the next year is the newest book, entitled "Return from Auschwitz, The Life of Stefan Horowitz". As a lecturer on Spirit, Mind and Body, within the HIV/AIDS community across Canada, and as a past member of the National Working Group on HIV/AIDS with Health Canada, I have garnered much recognition in the field, which has been popularly characterized by my compassionate approach.

I have dedicated my life to searching for, and finding, my passion, while on an unwavering path of enlightenment and self-healing. My desire is to share my experiences and expertise, with commitment, compassion, and gratitude, while providing you with a safe place, wherein you, in whatever capacity our lives may intersect, are empowered to better express who you are. Your self-realization, in this sense, becomes paramount to my work.

I look forward to Journeying with you
DB(Bruce) Whittier