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Healing Sessions: Ear Candling - $40.00

How does the ear function?

The pavilion picks up the sound waves and transmits them to the eardrum. The vibrations of the eardrum, which reacts like the membrane of a loud speaker, are transmitted to the chain of ossicles and thus echo up to the oval window, a threshold of the inner ear. Then they shake the liquid in the cochlea as well as the nerve cells it shelters. These cells take over to transform the vibrations into nerve impulse. This impulse eventually makes its way towards the brain thanks to the auditory nerve where it is analyzed and deciphered. It is only at this moment that we hear the sound. Yet all this process has only lasted a few thousandths of a second.

Hearing disorders

Any disturbance of one of the elements of the ear can lead to some hearing disorders such as:

  • Decrease or loss of hearing
  • Buzzing noise in ear (Tinnitis)
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Otalgia
  • Ear Pain
  • Irritations and itching sensation, and so on….

Some of these disorders will disappear by themselves with regular hygienic care of the ear with the auricular candles. Some very old symptoms will sometimes disappear as early as the first sitting.

When waste and accumulations are drained, the physiological process of the ear fulfills its function naturally, thus making some disturbing symptoms disappear.

Regularly practiced, the natural hygiene of the ear will enable you to preserve all the sensitivity of the precious function hearing is.

Ear Ache - occurs when tissue towards the inner ear swells at the Eustachian tube, preventing proper draining. Pressure on the eardrum, causing pain especially for children.

Main Indications About The Ear Candle

  • Excess ear wax: it regularizes and fluidifies the secretion of wax.
  • Wax plugs: softening and drawing up
  • Problems with ear hygiene: cleaning through heat and the aspiration effect
  • Decrease of hearing: due to the presence of secretions interfering with functioning, in cases of rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis
  • Buzzing noises, Tinnitis due to the presence of liquid
  • Catarrh with nose and throat causes
  • Slow lymphatic circulation: the practice stimulates peripheral circulation
  • Discharge in the ear: it favors gentle evacuation
  • Irritation of the ear and sinuses: calming and disinfectant effect thanks to the essential oil
  • Nausea: it can contribute to the decrease of liquid pressure responsible for balance
  • Repeater otitis
  • Otalgia of otisis: it stimulates the secretion flow
  • Otalgia without otisis: heat soothes the pain
  • Auricular pressure (headaches): it contributes to balancing the liquids whose pressure causes trouble
  • Chronic sinusitis: it clears the sinuses that communicate through the Eustachian tube
  • Stress and irritability: by stimulation of an anti-stress point of acupuncture in the auditory canal
  • Nerve deafness: often linked with stress, emotional block, and emotional shock; the treatment puts the patient in a state of relaxation
  • Meniere's syndrome: it contributes to the balance of the liquid pressure in the labyrinth. Inner ear
  • It quickly relieves pseudo-Meniere. Dizziness
  • Trouble of the blood circulation in the ear: activation
  • Vertigo when it is linked with inner ear trouble
  • Auricular Zona: a Zona is a viral affection found in the route of the sensitive nerves. The auricular candle can contribute to the relief of itching symptoms and to the cleaning of vesicular irruptions. Motion sickness.

The auricular candle is not a medication.
It is a treatment for natural hygiene for external use only.


Currently there is no know contra-indication. Yet, we advise you against using the candles in the following cases:

  • Perforation of the ear drum
  • Inflammation of the inner ear
  • Recent ear surgery
  • Auricular cyst
  • Acute mastoiditis
  • Ventilation tubes, auricular drains (Paracentiesis)
  • Otosclerosis, pain due to hardening of the ear structure
  • Otspongiosis (Ankylosis of the staples). Stiffening of small bones in ear
  • Ear tumor

In all these cases, see a physician first.

The Ear Candle

Description of the candle

The auricular candle is shaped as a 25 cm, long hollow pipe (10"). It is made of fabric (like a wick) which is made of raw cotton fabric, neither threaded or bleached.

Burn to 3" from tip for adults.
Children must be 3 years old before starting and burn the candle 5" from the tip.


Populations from Asia and Indians from North America have, for centuries, transmitted the old practice of this gentle and natural therapy. Thanks to the Hopi Indians of Arizona, a population of high spirituality with vast knowledge of the health and natural practices, this technique has come down to us. The technique of the auricular Hopi candles is, by now, present on every continent.


The true original candle is homemade, with care, according to the traditional formula of the Hopi Indians. The hand crafted method of its manufacture as well as the selection of natural and biological ingredients assures the quality and efficiency of a true natural product. The fabric that is used must be vegetable and raw. The presence of linen or cotton seeds on the fabric canvas is an assurance of this. The wax must be yellow.

Chimney effect

As you place the candle in the ear, this results in a chimney effect due to the combustion. There is a vacuum effect first because the heat of the flame draws up the air contained in the hollow candle. A sensation of lightness is clearly felt in the sinus area and all the cavities of the head. The auricular secretions are gently stimulated, then drawn up by this chimney effect. The secretions and impurities will be like a layer around the external auditory canal or at the base of the candle.


Hot air, a result of the candle burning, creates a vacuum; the result is local stimulation of the peripheral blood circulation, activation of the immunological defense system and the increase of the lymphatic circulation. The heat will soften and melt the accumulation and the wax plugs, which will then be drawn up in the candle. The ceruminous glands will be activated. The heat works as a moxa while stimulating all the energy points of the ear, and giving an energetic balance of all the meridians. The heat will also act on an acupuncture point situated in the auricular canal. The stimulation of this anti-stress point will provide the user with the sensation of well-being as well as deep nerve relaxation.

*More than 90% of the users describe an intense and harmonious relaxation as well as calming effect on the whole system. A sensation of release and lightness occurs, mainly in the ears and the head.

160 kinds of fungus #1 candida, ear mites
Other positive effects

The pressure flow moves "smoke", concentrated inwards, bringing its beneficial effects to the whole auricular area. Moreover, the discharge of secretions is stimulated, favoring the evacuation of waste, impurities and pathogenic layers.

Auricular candle, by its calorific radiation as a moxa, stimulates the points of auricular therapy.

The auriculotherapy is a treatment of some infections by stimulation of acupuncture points situated on the auricle of the ear. According to this therapy, the human body is completely represented on the outer ear in the position of an upside down foetus. According to Chinese cartography, the meridians are all represented and spread out on the whole pavilion.

In no case can the auricular candle replace the competence of an auriculotherapist or and acupuncturist.

Frequency of Treatments

As a starting treatment and in acute or chronic cases: up to 3 treatments within a ten-day period. 3-5/7 days apart

As maintenance to regenerate and remove impurities: 1 to 2 treatments once a year

As a preventative measure: 2 to 3 treatments in autumn and in winter

In acute cases: 1 to 3 treatments a day for one week

In chronic cases: 1 to 3 sittings a week

In case of earwax accumulation: Years to accumulate, 1 treatment a day until the complete disappearance of the accumulation.

In cases of large earwax buildups: first soften the wax with a few drops of Ear oil with lavender. Put the oil in the ear after warming it. Close the entrance to the canal with cotton in order to prevent the oil from flowing out. Keep 30 minutes before proceeding with the candle treatment.

In old cases: Some so-called "epidermal" buildups - hard and difficult to extract, have to be softened with Ear oil for several days. In serious cases a candle can be applied after another in the same ear.