Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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For thousands of years humankind has sought answers to the mysteries of the human experience. Through famines, wars, peaceful times, and in life and death, humankind has returned to Mother Earth for answers. With the use of herbs, crystals, minerals, techniques of all designs, and with divine guidance, we assist each other in bringing about balance and harmony.

With the realization of the complexities of life and the meanings they hold for each one of us, our spirits, through our families and our communities, are now searching for answers and a return to unity. As humanity searches for its natural state, for a place of harmony and balance, many paths and means are now open, and offered, for the realization of these endeavors. One such path is the holistic field.

Mind Body Spirit Canada Teaching and Holistic Healing Center offers you a wide range of modalities, techniques, and ideas to assist you along your journey.

You are hosted in the wonderful province of Nova Scotia, Canada, where people from all ends of the earth have visited, settled, and returned for hundreds of years. Drawing you here, also, is the uniqueness and diversity, from the lush agricultural lands of the Annapolis Valley to the highlands of Cape Breton, with their majestic view. From the South Shore, with its fishing and forestry, to the French Acadians, rich in tradition, along with our Native community, showing us how to love the earth again, you will be welcomed and made to feel right at home. Indeed, Nova Scotia is home to everyone; here, we welcome you with wide-open arms and hearts filled with love and compassion. The beauty of this wonderful land will be forever imbedded in the photo album of your mind, while the experience of the energies and vortexes will leave you changed in both heart and soul.

Enjoy your journey and path. In Universal love and light.

Bruce Whittier


Family-Friend Share Package
Buy 10 sessions for $300.00
and recieve 3 free! (Therapies include: Foot Reflexology, Reiki and Ionic Foot Detox)
This makes each session $23.00

Harmonic Balancing now offered!
I am excited to announce that I have become a Sound Therapist and offer a balancing therapy using Tuning Forks. Click to View Details

Upcoming Events
Now offering one on one courses.

Reiki Level I
Reiki Level II
Reiki Master/Teacher

Foot Reflexology
Ear Candling
Raindrop Therapy

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