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Healing Sessions: Past Life Regression - $50.00

Welcome To Past Lives

Have you ever wondered why you do some of the things you do, perhaps say something all of the time that makes no sense and no one else in your family knows why, do you look different or have a few more moles or markings that are unique. Are you so attracted to world war II memorabilia or perhaps, buttons, trees, a particular breed of dog. What are you hooked on. Tonight we will talk about all of these different things in your life or things that are so normal that it is amazing. They are a springboard for understanding our current challenges. This is where past life regression becomes present life therapy. You can use past life therapy to help with a variety of problems, including fears and phobias, relationship difficulties, health problems and blockages in all areas of your life. Below you will find several methods used in finding your past lives. Give them a try and see for yourself what happens. To investigate further your past lives an appointment is available for you.

The appointment will last approximately an hour and it is based on self -hypnosis, you are always in control of the situation and I am your guide for that time period. Through my own gifts of Intuition I am able to see where you are going and what is happening along with you. Remember always you have lived this before and you do not need to experience it emotionally or physically at all, instead you get to view it as an outsider or like your watching a movie.

Using the Resonance Method

Categories/Items you might feel past life resonance:
Personal Likes and Attractions:

  • Cities and Countries - Strong resonances for cities and countries in which you have lived before
  • Cultures and Time Periods - Strong fascinations for other cultures and eras
  • Hobbies and Taste in Music and Art - Things you choose to collect or gather in this life can also indicate resonance
  • Race and Skin Color
  • Furniture, Costumes, and Objects of Different Time Periods - Items cherished in a former life seem to have a special power to evoke a feeling of resonance.
  • Occupations - Leave powerful imprint on people
  • Languages
  • Foods - Foods often exert a powerful influence from one life to another
  • Religions - Attraction to different religions, icons, etc.
  • Animals - Close affinity for a particular type of animal
  • Climate - Tolerance for particular climates
  • Body Karmas - Sensitivities, aversions
  • Physical Traits - Skin tone, hair color, facial features, eyes, etc.
  • Personality Traits - Peaceful, nervous, ambitious, fears, temper, religious, empathy, gender
  • People you might have known before - Feelings of deep familiarity, kinship or friendship

Past life Meditation

Sit or lie down comfortably. Just focus upon your breathing to relax. Focus your attention upon the Creator, the highest point of good in the universe, the Creator of all that there is. Feel the unconditional love of the Creator as you focus your attention. Allow that unconditional love to surround you. Call it to you as the brilliant white light, the pure unconditional love, filling your aura at every level of your being. Expanding your aura, until you are enclosed within the beautiful, protective, pure, unconditional loving, white light of the Creator. The presence of the Creator is with you, around you, within you, and all of your teachers are drawn towards you, by the pull of the white light of the Creator that is now with you and you are now a part of a group gathered within the white light of the Creator.

Focus upon your breathing. You are breathing in the white light of the Creator, and with every breath you become lighter, purer, more in touch with your Higher Self and your God Self.
Focus your attention upon your heart center and feel it fill with the love of the Creator. Add your love to that of the Creator. Let it blend and mingle with the love in your heart center and it will start to overflow and radiate out from you. Look deeply into your heart center, and you will see a crystal, a most beautiful crystal, and as you look at it, it is as if it becomes larger and larger and larger, until you find yourself merging in to it. Not becoming one with the crystal, but entering into it.

As you enter in to it you notice a little red dot, right in the very center, which is getting bigger and bigger as you come close to it. You realize that it is not a red dot at all, but a red covered book, with gold embossing on the cover, gold around the edge of the pages. Approach your red book, and as you approach ask that it open at the specific part in the specific past life that is appropriate for you to be investigating at this time. When it opens, look therein. Take what is given to you from the book and let it flow and let it grow. Reap from it what you sowed in that life. Take as much time as you need.

To Conclude
When you realize what it is, withdraw from the crystal, feel the love in your heart and then bring yourself back to the consciousness of the room, giving thanks to the Creator for what you have been given.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience.