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Healing Sessions: Reiki - $30.00


REIKI is pronounced "Ray-Key"

REI means universal, everything that is seen and unseen

KI means the vital life force energy that flows through all that is alive

These Japanese characters, when combined, represent the concept of universal life-force energy".

REIKI is not a religion. It holds no doctrines, creeds or contradictions to the universal law of consciousness and love. The REIKI energy embraces, harmonizes and enhances your philosophical point of view.

Once you are attuned to the REIKI energy, you are permanently linked, without having to consciously alter the mind through meditation, prayer, or visualization. Mentally calling on the REIKI energy and placing your hands on yourself or another person, begins the flow. The REIKI energy enters your body at the crown of your head and then flows down and out through your hands. Once you place your hands on yourself or another person you will experience the energy as heat or tingling. This experience is unique to everyone, some feel the heat, tingling or a pulsating vibration and with many variables to the formula. Sometimes there is no physical feedback except a magnetized feeling or a sense of being highly energized.

REIKI energy comes from the universal energy field. You become the channel through which the healing energy flows, a vital link in the healing process, and not the "healer". You will not be using your own energy in a session, therefore you will experience no energy drain. An exception to this is if you allow your ego to get in the way, which can allow for an empathetic drain. Remember to keep your ego out of the way allowing the highest good to be the outcome of a REIKI session.

REIKI is a pure energy form. When it is combined with the sincere desire of a recipient who is willing to receive for the highest good a total healing can occur. You play an instrumental part as a channel for the energy, ultimately it is up to the recipient to manifest harmony and balance in Spirit, Mind and Body. REIKI works, and even if it is imperceptible, the lasting effects are on going.

REIKI is a tool for use any time, anyplace, like meetings, in bed, while being a passenger in a car, on-the-spot stress release, pain relief, and emergencies. REIKI enhances and works with all other health care. REIKI speeds the healing process and provides a source of restoring energy during illness, medical treatment, and in recovery. No special environment or equipment is needed and age makes no difference.

It is important to note that the one instance where using REIKI is not recommended is in the case of unset broken bones. After the bones are set is the appropriate time to administer Reiki, the bones may begin to heal before they are in proper alignment.

The Attunement to the REIKI energy is a profound event. Over the next three weeks I encourage you to be kind to yourself by drinking lots of water and getting the rest you need.

The more you use the Reiki energy, the more it teaches you, increasing your awareness and developing your technique.

The History and Origin REIKI

REIKI can be traced back to ancient Tibet, hundreds of years ago and the story is told that Esoteric Tantric Buddhism came to Japan in the early ninth century through the Japanese monk Kukai and Saicho who had studied in China. Kukai was a student of Huikuo, a student of the Indian monk Amoghavajra who was in turn a student of the famous Indian teacher Vajrabodhi. Both Indians lived in the Tahsingshan Temple in Ch'angan, the current center fo the Shensi Buddhist associaton in China. After the death of his teacher, Kukai returned to Japan and taught what he had learned in China. He became the founder of the Shingon Buddhism.

In brief, the goal of the esoteric Buddhism is Shunyata, emptiness. This emptiness is not a negative state of absence; instead, it should be understood as the transcendence of duality. At the moment in which the self is no longer distinct from the other, the unity of the whole has once again been restored. The Self only exists in our imagination, in our mind. We create the ego and the world with our thoughts. Our natural state of being is emptiness, not cluttered, by the past and the future.

Dr. Usui was a Buddhist and incorporated many of the teachings that you will learn about today. Through history, suppression and total destruction we have been shown that many of the teachings of the Buddhist community were lost or hidden only to be rediscovered and shared with the world in the last century.

For many of us, the person of Dr.Usui is still that of fabled creature shrouded in mystic fog. However, he was first of all a human being like you and me! Unfortunately, we still know very little about his life.

We know that he was born on August 15, 1865 in the Japanese province of Gifu, married Sadako Suzuki, and had two children. On March 9, 1926, he died in Fukuyama as a result of cerebral apoplexy. Exactly when Dr. Usui began to teach Reiki is still unclear.
We assume that it must have been around the year 1920, which means relatively shortly before his death. In 1921, he opened a Reiki practice in Harajuku, Tokya, close to the beautiful Meiji Jingu (shrine).

His renown swept through the country like a whirlwind, and he moved to a larger house in Nakano in 1925.

It is told that Dr. Usui went to Mount Kuri Yama. There he fasted for 21 days, meditating, seeking the power to heal. The story goes that Dr. Usui climbed to a level that was comfortable and a place that faced east. Since he had no calendar, he gathered 21 stones and placed them before him. Every morning he awakened before the sun rose and threw away one of the 21 stones to keep count of the days. Each day he meditated and fasted. On the 21st day, Dr. Usui awakened and found his way to his meditation spot. He picked up the last stone and before throwing it off the side of the mountain he asked the Universe to show him how to heal and to give him the knowledge of how to use it.

As he threw the stone off the side of the mountain, a light appeared far off in the east. It grew brighter and came closer. Dr. Usui was curious, and after he considered his many years of searching and his long fast and meditation on the mountain, he quieted his mind so that he could accept whatever the bright light had in store for him.

The light became very bright and streamed across the heavens and hit him right between his eyes. For a moment he thought he had died and left this earth plane, as he had never before been in such a euphoric state. He saw many, many layers of all the colours of the rainbow. Then came the powerful, bright, white light followed by golden symbols - the formula of the Universal Life Force and how to use it. The symbols came to him one by one, memorizing and preserving them within his being. Finally the light and the symbols were gone. Dr. Usui felt rested, full of life and energy.

He jumped to his feet and started down the mountain. In his haste, he stubbed his toe on a rock. He reached down to comfort the pain and to stop the bleeding. As he touched his toe, he realized that something was different about the energy passing through his hands. Very soon, the pain and bleeding ceased. After this healing, Dr. Usui continued on his way down the mountain.

Soon he began to feel hungry, so he stopped at a home that serviced travellers and ordered a full meal. Recognizing that this was a man who had been fasting on the mountain, the owner of the roadside rest tried to talk Dr. Usui out of eating such a full meal, but to no avail. He ate the entire meal with no ill effects.

He was served his meal by a girl with a bandage wrapped around her jaw. She told Dr. Usui that her tooth had been aching for days. Encouraged by his own phenomenal pain relief, Dr. Usui asked her if may lay his hands on her. She accepted his offer gladly. He put his hands around her jaw and in a short time the pain and swelling started going down. She was so happy that she went and told her father. When Dr. Usui went to pay for his meal the father refused the money, declaring his gratitude for the healing of his daughter's jaw. He asked Dr. Usui to accept the food in exchange for the healing. He accepted.

Dr. Usui began calling attention to himself by carrying a lit torch through the city of Kyoto. When people would stop him and ask why he was carrying a lit torch in the middle of the day, he replied that he was searching for people with hearts full of love, but who were ill and oppressed and were searching for the true Light. He invited the people to come and hear about REIKI. In this way, he began teaching REIKI throughout Japan and gathered a following of 16 teachers. Over 2000 people learned REIKI from Dr. Usui. Dr. Usui passed from his physical body after asking his beloved student Dr. Chujiro Hayashi to see that the REIKI teachings were preserved.

Dr. Hayashi continued in Dr. Usui's tradition, travelling, teaching, and dedicating his life to REIKI. He established a residential REIKI clinic in Tokyo, where people could receive treatments for weeks or even months at a time, often with several practitioners working at once. It was to his clinic that Mrs. Hawayo Takata of Hawaii came for healing. She was made a REIKI Master in 1938. At Dr. Hayashi's death in 1941, Mrs. Takata succeeded him as the third Grand Master of REIKI. Mrs. Takata was instrumental in spreading the teachings of REIKI to the US and Canada, and in the last ten years or so of her life initiated 22 of her students to the REIKI Master level.

With the arrival of the Reiki teachings to western society in 1938 by Mrs. Takata of Hawaii, it managed to change from the traditional Japanese method to one with more of a distinct flavour of Christianity.

Through investigation and research over the last few years by Frank Petter of Japan the first westerner to be a Reiki Master/Teacher, the correct information is now being passed to us.

As your Reiki Master/Teacher I feel it is my obligation to bring to you the information as it was taught by Dr. Usui and hundreds of years prior to his rediscovering of it. I give thanks to the spirit of Dr. Usui and the Red Dragon for being able to share with you REIKI.

The Reiki energy and its teachings have covered just about every country in the world and is growing in such leaps and bounds. Today as you are attuned to this Universal life force energy I wish you well and a great experience healing yourself and assisting others.

REIKI Master Lineage

Dr. Mikao Usui

Chujiro Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Beth Gray

Rev. Fay Smith

Barbara Hampson

Susanne Proulx

Eveline Fleurman

Tony Travers

Nancy Stevens

Nada Alzerikly

Gisele Le Blanc

DB(Bruce) Whittier

The Five Principles

Dr. Usui believed that a healthy body is followed by a healthy mind. This is one reason he adopted the Meiji Emperor's five rules for life. Along with building a solid foundation for REIKI. These five principles created significant changes along with a focus for the emptying of ones self allowing the Reiki energy to flow.

The Secret method of inviting happiness.

Just Today...

  • Don't get angry
  • Don't worry
  • Show appreciation
  • Work hard ( on yourself)
  • Be kind to others