Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Harmonic Balancing: Sound therapy using tuning forks - $40.00 - $65.00


The Human Body vibrates between 60-65 Hz when it is healthy, vibrant and rested. With today’s stresses, lack of sleep, foods, lack of love and just being busy, your vibration may fall to a place where disease can form and many other ailments from stiff muscles and achy joints to headaches, digestive problems and so much more. The use of Tuning forks that are perfectly pitched are gently introduced to the ears and over the body, breaking through blockages and congested areas in your Body, Mind and Spirit. This process returns you to a state of calm and health.

Head & Body Clearing 1Hr - $40.00
Chakra Clearing 1Hr - $50.00
Specific Ailment 1Hr - $55.00
Mind Body Spirit Clearing 1.5Hr - $65.00
To Book your Appointment Call 902-423-1600 Or
e-mail - mbscanada@live.ca www.mindbodyspiritcanada.com